Aztec Dance and Talking Circle Citlaltonac

Fellow: Gabby Armenta & Claudia Armenta  Seed Lab Cohort: 2018/2019 Location: Coachella Valley, CA Aztec Dance and Talking Circle Citlaltonac provides a safe healing space where the participants are able to find their sense of belonging, balance their daily lives, and connect with others through dancing and talking circles rooted in Aztec ceremonial traditions. 

The Supermodel Society

Fellow: Dr. Jermara Davis-Welch Seed Lab Cohort: 2018/2019 Location: Moreno Valley, CA With a focus on culturally marginalized youth—namely African American and Latinos — The Supermodel Society seeks to develop curriculum and programs that teach entrepreneurial literacy and economic principles that will lead to an increase in successful business ownership within these groups. 


Fellow: Orchid Daoudian Seed Lab Cohort: 2018/2019 FUTURE aims to revolutionize the marketplace in order to give value to well-trained employees, while alleviating the hiring needs of employers by transforming modern day learning and educating students through fun and high-tech animation. It is designed to provide individuals in search of a sustainable career better and affordable access […]


Fellow: Silvia Paz Seed Lab Cohort: 2018/2019 Location: Eastern Coachella Valley, CA Alianza Coachella Valley aims to become a long-term sustainable organization that reflects and meets the needs of those living in Coachella Valley. The services it offers address issues at their root through personal coaching, leadership development, and cultural healing. Its expertise lies in being the […]

Spotlight On Hope Film Camp

Fellow: Cassie A. Nguyen Seed Lab Cohort: 2018/2019 Location: Riverside, CA Spotlight on Hope Film Camp provides free of cost film instruction classes for pediatric and young adult cancer patients and their siblings. Its goal is to serve as an escape from the emotional and physical drain cancer treatment places on them and their families and provide […]

YOBZ – Youth, Jobs, Generation Z

Fellow: Swati Singh Seed Lab Cohort: 2019/2020 Location: Riverside, CA Swati is a continuation high school mathematics teacher in Riverside, CA. Prior she worked in the hospitality food and beverage, and food manufacturing industries for 10 years. Swati has an MBA from the University of San Diego, and a BA in Economics from the University of California at […]

Raices Cultura

Fellow: Marnie L. Navarro Seed Lab Cohort: 2019/2020 Location: Coachella, CA Marnie, a multidisciplinary visual artist, educator, and curator who founded LIFEWORK Gallery in Palm Springs, joined Raices Cultura as Executive Director in February 2019. A lifelong resident of the Coachella Valley, Marnie uses her experience in psychology, event production, project management, and the visual […]

Music Changing Lives

Fellow: Josiah Bruny Seed Lab Cohort: 2019/2020 Location: San Bernadino, CA Josiah was raised in Altadena, California and now resides in the Inland Empire focusing on scaling his organization. Prior to establishing MCL, Josiah created and led the independent record label, Higher Ground Records, LLC to become one of the leading underground labels in Southern California. In […]

Healing Out Lao’d

Fellow: Rita Phetmixay Seed Lab Cohort: 2019/2020 Location: Los Angeles, CA Rita is a Lao Isaan American femme/womxn politicized healing practitioner, survivor, community-lover, independent audio producer, and filmmaker. Currently based in Los Angeles, Rita strives to create accessible healing spaces for folx with marginalized identities, with a particular focus on the Lao diaspora and the […]

FingerFly Friends

Fellow: Terrylene Sacchetti Seed Lab Cohort: 2019/2020 Location: Riverside, CA Terrylene is teaching ASL to HS students as second language acquisition. She is an actress, storyteller, ASL poet who has worked for 30 years in entertainment industry and multi-media education. She founded Deaf Arts Council which was dedicated to multimedia arts programming teaching Deaf and […]