Strategic Planning Circle: Module 3

Date: June 16th, 2021

Next sessions: July 16th, September 16th

Location: Virtual

Caravanserai Project’s Strategic Planning Circle is designed following the “Kitchen Cabinet” model to create a safe, trusted, and supporting environment where mission-driven leaders have the opportunity to share ideas, consult with peers, and connect with experts. The Circle brings together a group of up to 10 organizational leaders from various sectors for five 2-hour meetings, and facilitates structured conversations on topics like financial planning, fundraising, donor engagement and implementation of strategies. The Caravanserai Project team and our network of experts bring their deep expertise, resources and facilitation skills to the Strategic Planning Circles. Each Circle is customized to individual and group profiles and needs, while the speakers and presentations are curated for each specific group.

The “Kitchen Cabinet” type of convening is spread widely among leaders in the for-profit sector, yet it is not a common practice in the mission-driven non-profit sector despite its obvious importance and benefits. It is a vital resource for leaders who can’t (or shouldn’t) approach team members, board of directors, or staff. The discussions cover a wide variety of topics from personal career and professional development to challenging personnel issues, fundraising, managing board situations and engaging with donors, investors, vendors and contractors.


C-suite executives, key organizational decision makers, board members


  • Session #1 – Introductions as case studies, identification of individual and group goals and overview of key breakthroughs for leaders – sustainability, impact, leadership and transformation
  • Session #2 – Revenue generation (including fundraising), governance and strategic planning
  • Session #3 – Expanding relationships and engagement with donors, stakeholders and community
  • Session #4 – Organizational growth and scalability / Healthy financial structure
  • Session #5 – Topics to be determined by the participants based on their specific needs and interests


Practical Solutions

Access to outside counsel and advice from the guest experts and professionals. 

Exposure to peers’ experiences and previously tested ideas to identify the right solutions to each participant’s challenges.


Access to accountability partners that will check-up on each other on how things are going with a particular issue.

Sense of Belonging

Connect with a group of peers that acts as a sounding board to bounce off ideas and helps identify the blind spots and the areas in need of improvement or reflection.

Establish connections with likeminded leaders whose support will continue beyond this program.

Cost per participant $995

The origin of the “Kitchen Cabinet: When President Andrew Jackson assumed office in 1829 as the 7th President of the United States, his Cabinet was ruptured by dispute to the point that cabinet meetings were stopped. In need of advice, Jackson sought the support of a group of loyal friends and associates dubbed by the press as the “Kitchen Cabinet.” The term has been used to describe any group of unofficial advisors to whom a political leader looks to for guidance. Ronald Reagan famously and openly made use of his kitchen cabinet while Governor of California for example, a practice that continued when he became President in 1980.

To register, please email us at contact@caravanseraiproject.org.

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