HR 101 for Nonprofits and Small Businesses

2024 Caravanserai Project Webinar Series

Date: Friday, July 26

Time: 9:00 – 10:30 AM PDT / Zoom

Language: English

Join us for an insightful webinar on HR Management for Nonprofits and Small Businesses, where we will explore essential HR practices that are crucial for both non-profits and small businesses in California. This session is ideal for non-profits, start-ups and sole proprietors about to hire their first employee, and small businesses without in-house HR resources. Gain valuable knowledge and practical strategies to enhance your HR management and avoid common pitfalls that could adversely affect your business.

Who Should Attend

  • Executive Directors of non-profit organizations
  • Small business owners
  • Start-up founders
  • Sole proprietors
  • Office managers or administrators handling HR responsibilities

Why Attend

  • Understand the differences between for-profit and non-profit HR management
  • Learn best practices to optimize your HR processes
  • Enhance your organization’s effectiveness and compliance

Key Takeaways

  • HR management fundamentals applicable to all organizations
  • Common HR pitfalls and tips for avoiding them
  • Insights into mission-driven HR strategies for non-profits

This webinar is presented by Caravanserai Project and is supported by the California Office of the Small Business Advocate.

Our Guest

Del Peeples Founder and President of DP Human Capital Management LLC

Del Peeples, SHRM-CP, is the founder and President of DP Human Capital Management LLC, a premier HR consulting firm based in Palm Springs, California. With over 20 years of extensive experience in human resources, business administration, and operations, Del has established himself as a seasoned executive dedicated to optimizing human capital for both profit and nonprofit organizations.

Del founded DP Human Capital Management LLC in 2022 to provide tailored HR solutions that drive performance and foster a culture of excellence. His company specializes in talent acquisition, training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits administration, employee engagement, and HR compliance. Del’s expertise extends to assisting small businesses and nonprofits, helping them navigate complex HR challenges, ensure compliance with evolving regulations, and foster productive and engaged workforces. His depth of experience, particularly with small businesses having no in-house HR talent, ensures that his clients gain valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance their HR practices and drive organizational success.

Del holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor of Music in Theory and Composition. He is a certified SHRM-CP professional and an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Additionally, Del serves on the board of the Coachella Valley Chapter of Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA), where he contributes to advancing HR practices and supporting the professional development of HR practitioners.

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