Webinar: The Board of Directors: A Deeper Dive

Date: September 24th, 2021

Time: 9:00 – 10:30 AM PST

Location: Virtual

Some might say that the Board of Directors and the organizations for which they are responsible are from different planets. While they are working together very closely, the feeling that there is always some uncharted territory that they have to navigate carefully is always present. Yet, solutions to many of the potential issues that might challenge the relationships between the Board of Directors, the leadership and staff of an organization and sometimes the community are easy to find. 

This webinar offers an in-depth perspective on the roles played by the Boards of Directors as well as the tools and strategies available not only to assess a Board’s functioning but also to increase its performance. It is designed from the perspective of a board member and presents an insightful understanding of the dynamics animating a board room.  

Designed for Executive Directors, CEOs, Board Chairs of Board Members, and staff members, this webinar focuses on key issues such as:

  • clarifying the roles and obligations of board members vs. executive staff
  • board meetings: governance, strategies and planning
  • how to establish reasonable expectations for board members
  • moral and ethical obligations of the Board of Directors
  • assessing a board’s functioning and their members’ talents
  • maximizing the potential of a board member
  • tools and strategies to increase the performance of a board
  • the role of board members in the community


Stephen Bennett is a leader in nonprofit management, human and health services, technology and philanthropy. His current focus includes areas of health care access, international conservation, disabilities and human rights.

He is the Caravanserai Project Board Chair. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the California Endowment, Arcus Foundation and Save the Chimps. He is also heading various board committees related to finances, investment and board recruitment. Former CEO of United Cerebral Palsy from 2003 to 2016, he also served as the President of Pallotta Teamworks (charity event production organization), Founder and Chair of TransDecisions (Software firm), Founding Partner, Sokolov, Schwab and Bennett (Healthcare Consulting group), and CEO of AIDS Project LA. He was a VISTA/PeaceCorp volunteer in the 1970’s. Stephen did his undergraduate work at Pepperdine University and University of Heidelberg. His graduate work was at the UCLA Anderson School of Business, MBA.

This program was made possible in part by the generous support provided by the Wells Fargo Open for Business Fund. Caravanserai Project is the recipient of a Wells Fargo Open for Business Fund award aiming to provide programs and services that support small business viability through growth, expansion, innovation, and increased productivity. Read more about this award.

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