SEED Lab 2.0


Are you struggling with taking your venture to the next level? Do you have a vision but you find it difficult to build a strategy around it? How do you effectively manage change without creating chaos and upset?


SEED Lab 2.0 is developed from the successful launch of SEED Lab which is designed for very early stage social entrepreneurs. During our work with the SEED Lab cohort, we kept meeting local entrepreneurs in Southern California who had already launched their organizations but have been looking for help in taking their ventures to the next level.


SEED Lab 2.0 is designed for entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to move forward their organizations. Whether they are trying to manage growth, attract capital, plan for sustainability or improve your leadership, SEED Lab 2.0 is designed to provide them with expertise, an additional support system and individually targeted plans of action. We are focused on organizations that have a social impact whether for-profit or not-for-profit.


For general inquiries about SEED Lab 2.0, please contact us here.