Nana’s Academy

Fellow: Nancy Stingley

Seed Lab Cohort: 2020/2021

A passionate educator and advocate for social change who has worked as a teacher, school principal, and college professor, Nancy has always returned to teaching even following retirement. It all started with her making sure that her grandchildren had access to the best education possible, so they scheduled weekly online classes. Creating a secure and individualized environment to reverse any negative things that have impacted the student’s education, Nancy’s methods soon caught the attention of other parents concerned about their children experiencing an achievement gap. Over the last few years, Nana’s program, as her students call her, has constantly grown and her “investment training” methodology has shown great results.  

Nana’s Academy’s mission is to teach students to apply logic, reason, and creativity to analyze and solve complex problems and make sound decisions using a variety of instructional methodologies to meet the differentiated needs of the learner.

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