Regina Queen

Venture: RAMA – Responsible and Meaningful Abstinence

Seed Lab Cohort: 2021/2022

Impact location: Los Angeles, California

Organization Structure: Hybrid


Advance foster youth’s personal development through programs focused on emotional intelligence, self-regulation and sexual wellness.

Implementing an emotional intelligence curriculum focusing on sexual wellness, in a non-judgmental context, will help foster youth identify harmful health behaviors and teach responsible actions to minimize negative health outcomes. In The Flow Wellness focuses on teaching sex positive self-regulation techniques and stress reduction modalities to interrupt high-risk behavior. Providing mentors and personalized health education as tools to enhance the implementation of behavioral strategies surrounding sexual health will prepare youth for healthy intimate relationships.


Regina Queen is the founder of RAMA – Responsible and Meaningful Abstinence which reflects her experience as a wellness practitioner and health educator.  Her entrepreneurial journey reflects the valuable lessons she has learned from decades of working with individuals with adverse childhood experiences and chronic mental health issues in various capacities.

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