Caravanserai Project is designed to help others along their way consistent with the intent and values of the organization.  To that end, Caravanserai Project can provide a variety of services to start-ups, individuals, groups, and funders.

These include:

  • Serving as a fiduciary for projects, by managing finances and payables, providing controls and reporting and a base for fundraising and grants;
  • Providing operational oversight for projects when a funder or group leadership might want to fund a project but not want the day to day management. In this way Caravanserai might serve as the “general contractor” or intermediary and engage in direct charitable activities;
  • Consulting services for project development, management, strategic planning, governance and more. Through Caravanserai’s network of individuals, groups and organizations customized teams can be assembled with specific skills and knowledge;
  • Mentoring and coaching services for new leaders and change practice;
  • Convening actors around topics, issues and projects which includes seminars and training.