Structure: SEED Lab 2.0

(90 hours of on campus and online training)

Module 1 – On-campus 15 h

Sets the ground for developing your venture’s strategy for the future by examining and assessing the current status quo of your organization as a whole as well as the surrounding landscape.


  • Introduction to social entrepreneurship and key concepts
  • The big breakthrough: sustainability, impact, leadership and the transformational approach
  • Your vision and mission in and for the future
  • Postcards from the future
  • Mapping and the understanding the surrounding environment and its challenges in the future
  • Theory of change and logic model 2.0
  • Finance and budgeting for the future
  • Screening entrepreneurship opportunities 1.0

Module 2 – On-campus 15 h

Your venture’s overall sustainability goes beyond its financials. One should focus on the services/products the enterprise has been developing or planning to launch, the market’s dynamics, the competition, the existing stakeholders, as well as the beneficiaries. These assessments are linked to various changes and challenges that might appear in the future thus developing and planning potential solutions and strategies.


  • Products and services as tools to achieve sustainability
  • Product costs and the resources needed
  • Defining and segmenting the target population
  • Beneficiary experience and the benefits
  • Customer acquisition
  • Screening entrepreneurship opportunities 2.0
  • Understanding and mapping the stakeholders
  • From competitors to partners and resources
  • Storytelling: share the story of your work

Module 3 – On-campus 15 h

No money, no mission. Focus on your venture’s financial sustainability in order to increase and expand your impact. Developing and implementing a long-term strategy when it comes to your finances is crucial to building a solid structure and ensuring your organization’s long-term relevance and importance.


  • Business models
  • Budgeting and financials
  • Generating revenue
  • Screening entrepreneurship opportunities 3.0: Piloting and testing
  • Fundraising in and for the future
  • Meeting donors’ expectations
  • Scaling the venture and/or the impact
  • Business plan and action plan

Module 4 – On-campus 15 h

Surround yourself with a strong board and solid and reliable partners whose support will help your organization achieve its mission and plan for the future. 


  • Building the right board of directors
  • Managing the board of directors
  • Developing external partnerships for the future
  • Talent acquisition – hire for the future
  • Engaging primary and secondary competitors to advance the organization’s mission
  • Leadership for the future
  • Manage failure – Crisis and recovery
  • Sustainable budgeting
  • Finalizing the business plan and action plan
  • Pitch practice

On-line sessions

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis – Understanding your environment and marketing channels. Defining marketing and sales
  • The importance of collecting and using data
  • Online fundraising: building consistent long-term strategies
  • Measuring and monitoring impact
  • Branding and messaging
  • Innovate your fundraising strategy
  • Implementation and launching/relaunching of entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Where do you go next? Explore your potential big breakthroughs.