About caravanserai project


Caravanserai Project’s mission is to empower individuals from marginalized, under-resourced communities to launch for profit and nonprofit organizations that generate financial security, economic mobility, and systemic change.

We have developed a rigorously structured process that provides entrepreneurs who face discrimination and barriers – racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, economic, cultural, and/or linguistic – with access to culturally respectful mentorship, needed resources, and a supportive network of peers.

Our contribution to accelerating irreversible system-change efforts prioritizes:

Creating opportunities and supporting early-stage mission-driven entrepreneurs

Speeding up the work of committed advanced mission-driven leaders

Weaving a stronger bolder fabric through powerful networks of individuals who are connected and work together for a common vision


We are inspired by the role the caravanserai played throughout history. The caravanserais were well known meeting places along trade routes from Asia, North Africa to Southeast Europe. They provided merchants and travelers with a place to rest and opportunities to exchange and trade goods, as well as information about the challenges ahead and the situation in the regions they were about to cross. They had a crucial part in the cross-fertilization and exchanges of cultures by exposing travelers and locals to new ideas, beliefs and languages.

Our impact

Seed Lab


early-stage social entrepreneurs (3 cohorts) graduated the program since July 2018

Masterclass & Circles


mission-driven leaders working in education, health care, arts and culture, LGBTQ+, workforce training, economic development, etc. attended the program was launch in May 2020

Technical Assistance


technical assistance participants attended our webinars and workshops since February 2020


Caravanserai Project has been awarded the Guidestar Gold Seal of Transparency. Learn more about our financial documents, fiscal reports, etc. by visiting our Guidestar profile here.



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