As a 501(c)(3), Caravanserai Project is a nonpartisan, non-profit initiative managed and operated by a group of experienced professionals. Its main goal is to promote social and economic global progress by connecting relevant constituencies, and bridging gaps between different cultures and environments through the development of unique, down-to-earth and fully accountable projects.


Caravanserai Project positions itself as a crucible where ideas and experiences are brought together, exchanged and developed in order to promote social innovation and encourage progress. Our goal is to work both with social innovators and change makers – regardless of the stage they are at (explorers as well as more advanced mission driven entrepreneurs) – and support them along their journeys.   

Our vision is inspired by the role the caravanserais [kar-uhvansuh-ree]  played throughout history. The caravanserais were well known meeting places along trade routes covering Asia, North Africa, Southeast Europe and the Silk Road. They provided the merchants and travelers with a place to rest and opportunities to exchange and trade goods, as well as information about the challenges ahead and the situation in the regions they were about to cross. These settings had a crucial part in the cross-fertilization and exchanges of cultures by exposing these travelers to new ideas, beliefs and languages.