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Supporting Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs Along Their Journeys

Founded in 2016, Caravanserai Project’s programs empower individuals from marginalized, under-resourced communities to launch for profit and nonprofit organizations that generate financial security, economic mobility, and systemic change.

Future-Ready Strategies and Skills

Our mission-driven entrepreneurs develop future-ready strategies and skills to advance their ventures.

Access to capital

We are committed to democratizing and diversifying access to capital as a strategy to turbo charge our entrepreneurs.

A Strong Network

We bring together networks of entrepreneurs with bold and visionary ideas.


SEED Lab Pre-Accelerator

For startup and early-stage social entrepreneurs pursuing a bold mission and forward-thinking vision. Designed as an 8-month program to support their first steps from idea stage to launching or taking to the next level a self-sustainable and impactful venture.

Training For Entrepreneurs

For mission-driven entrepreneurs, for profit and non-profit, looking to boost their ventures through a series of 9 practical workshops from business models, financial management to customer discovery and competitive analysis (Available in English and Spanish)

Funding for Entrepreneurs

For startups to early-stage entrepreneurs and small businesses. Priority is given to minority entrepreneurs committed to building a sustainable venture and generate irreversable systemic changes in their communities. (Conditions may apply)

Caravanserai Project Webinar Series

For relentless mission-driven entrepreneurs, for profit and non-profit, looking for additional support. Designed to provide practical tools and resources meant to build sustainable organizations, accelerate impact and increase their readiness for what’s next.

Since June 2022, over 200 Hispanic small business entrepreneurs, regardless of their legal status, have attended Caravanserai Project’s Biz Readiness Training Program and accessed $1.5M worth of capital as part of the SEED 2.0 initiative supported by the California Employment Training Panel. 

The 2023 Inland Empire Hispanic Small Business Directory is the result of this exciting and rewarding work. Over 150 Hispanic small businesses are included in the first edition of this Directory that we will continue to expand and constantly update. They are spanning various industries and niches in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, from brick-and-mortar shops, food trucks, farms, to innovative startups pushing the boundaries of technology.

We invite you to journey through this Directory, learn about the remarkable people who stand behind them, and perhaps even discover a new favorite spot or service. Whether you’re a local resident looking to support your community or an enthusiast of innovation and craftsmanship, the 2023 Inland Empire Hispanic Small Business Directory is your gateway to the vibrant tapestry of small businesses that makes our region so unique. 

Business Readiness for Neurodiverse Entrepreneurs and Their Families

  • Upcoming Cohort: August – November 2024
  • Language: English/Spanish
  • Format: Online
  • Upcoming Cohort: August – October 2024
  • Language: Spanish
  • Format: Online

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“Caravanserai Project’s SEED Lab has given me the building blocks to create an infrastructure that is going to outlive me and the people who are currently involved in Alianza”

– Silvia Paz | Alianza Coachella Valley, Executive Director | SEED Lab Fellow

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SEED Lab Pre-accelerator

Training for Entrepreneurs

Funding for Entrepreneurs

Caravanserai Project Webinar Series

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