Business Readiness and Access to Capital Programs

The Business Readiness Program empowers entrepreneurs from marginalized communities to launch or grow their businesses. This interactive program encourages quick application of knowledge in real-world scenarios. Participants join workshops and ongoing small group coaching sessions over 9 weeks, culminating in showcasing their business ideas and future plans to their cohort.

General Eligibility Requirements

  • Early-stage or more seasoned entrepreneurs.
  • For profit, nonprofit or sole proprietor entrepreneurs (depending on the program).
  • Must have a decision-making role in the venture (founder owning at least 51%, CEO, Executive Director, Board Chair etc.)
  • Priority is given to minority entrepreneurs, especially BIPOC, women, LGBTQ+, immigrants, limited-English proficiency individuals, rural and low wealth areas.

Access to Capital

Within the Business Readiness Programs, our objective is to grant all entrepreneurs access to capital upon successful completion of the programs. Specific conditions and eligibility criteria vary for each program.

How to join

1. Apply

2. Selection of Applicants

3. Notifications Sent to Applicants

4. Business Readiness Program starts

The program is offered online or in a hybrid format.

5. Graduation and Certificate of Completion

In order to graduate and receive the Certificate of Completion, the participant must attend workshops and coaching sessions.

6. Access to Capital

The graduating participants start the process to access capital (restrictions apply).



The company's vital signs


These sessions are designed to reflect specific industries and sectors


The roadmap to materialize business ideas


Learn to captivate your audience


Basic concepts of business and entrepreneurship


Epiphanic methodology for customer discovery


The art of winning in business


Innovation & technology for entrepreneurs


Review and application of concepts discussed in class


Business presentation round

Business Readiness for Palm Springs-Based Entrepreneurs


Business Readiness for Small Farm     Entrepreneurs 

Open Soon

Business Readiness for Faith-Based Entrepreneurs

Application Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the program.

Caravanserai Project partners with a number of local, regional and federal institutions, private and public entities to provide access to capital. Each source of funding comes with restrictions regarding the amount awarded or the type of entity eligible to access capital. 

Each source of funding comes with restrictions regarding the amount awarded or the type of entity eligible to access capital. 

Yes. Only entrepreneurs who successfully graduate and attend the mentoring sessions and meet the rest of the criteria are eligible to access capital.

No. The entrepreneurs are eligible to receive only one micro-grant.

Nonprofit, for-profit enterprises, and sole proprietors are eligible to receive business capital. Specific conditions and eligibility criteria vary for each program.

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