The Social Entrepreneurship Engagement & Development Lab (SEED Lab) is a 10-month pre-accelerator for early stage social entrepreneurs in Southern California. It aims to tap the deep reservoir of unrecognized talent within marginalized and under-served communities and support their efforts to identify and develop pioneering paths out of inherited problems that have buried and muffled those voices.

The program is designed to support the implementation of visionary ideas into similarly powerful tools to generate social impact, deepen civic engagement, and bring about empowerment and sustainable change. SEED Lab prioritizes social entrepreneurs who, despite their talent, commitment, vision and social impact potential, do not yet have the opportunity to be part of a learning environment, engage with fellow change makers, learn from mentors or access resources and networks.

Over six on-campus modules (2 days each), we tackle together various issues related to social entrepreneurship such as clarifying the entrepreneurs’ vision and mission, their branding and messaging strategies, start-up plans, business plans, budgets etc. Besides these very intensive and customized interactions, the participants work with mentors, interact with local leaders, captains of various industries and experts and explore various opportunities meant to advance their work.

Due to the generosity of various supporters, SEED Lab is fully covering the participation costs for 10 early stage social entrepreneurs


For general inquiries about SEED Lab, please contact us here.