Digital Journey

The Caravanserai Project x Free Logic Digital Journey is an end-to-end digital transformation model designed specifically for social impact organizations looking to establish an online presence that amplifies their impact. This journey covers all the essential steps necessary for your organization to create a scalable digital infrastructure, ranging from solidifying a powerful website to generating new leads. The Free Logic team has compiled the best practices from over 50+ projects to provide you with high-quality work at affordable prices, ensuring you understand the value of each activity as it ties to your unique mission.


Discovery Call


Free Logic offers a free 30-minutes discovery call to any organization interested in the Digital Journey. This call is a time where you can share about goals, needs, and pain points, while gaining a better understanding of our experience and expertise. If both parties decide that we are a mutual fit, we will then collaboratively decide on the services for you before kickstarting your digital transformation.


Branding Style Guidelines


A brand is not what you are saying about your organization but how others perceive how your organization functions. It is important to have a defined brand so that your nonprofit stands apart from the rest. We help you find your brand identity so that you can correctly express the unique qualities of your nonprofit and capture interest from others.


Website Copywriting

$700 for 5 Pages (Subject to an add-on fee for additional pages) 

In order to attract donors and new customers, a nonprofit needs compelling copy that simply articulates its mission and impact. We write copy that conveys your brand’s personality through strategic brand messaging.


Content Creation (Photo & Video)​

$1500 Day Rate

In order to build an engaging online presence, it is vital to have high-quality content that showcases your organization’s personality and impact. We provide a full day dedicated to capturing content for you (headshots, product photos, testimonial videos, drone shots, etc.) that will help showcase your brand across all digital mediums.


Website Development

$2,000 for 5 Pages (Subject to an add-on fee for additional pages) 

A nonprofit’s website is the central piece to a strong online presence and the first impression most people will have of your organization. Building a scalable and well designed nonprofit website is essential to attract volunteers/donors and spread the word of the work that you are doing. We design quality websites from modern design methods so that you have a strong foundation for your online presence.


Google Ads Grant

$350 Per Month

It is important to constantly grow your exposure with advertising. We will help you set up a Google Ads Grant so that you can reach your desired audience and get more exposure for your nonprofit. Google Analytics helps us target those interested in nonprofits.


Website Analytics


Understanding how your customers interact with your website helps give key insights into strategic decisions for your organization. We will implement Google Analytics, Google tags, and Facebook Pixel to gain knowledge on who is visiting your site, what they’re interested in, and more. This gives us better insights to understand how to target different groups with specific messaging to increase engagement and exposure.



$500 Per Month

68% of online experiences begin with a search engine so it’s important that you are found on platforms such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We will design an SEO strategy that helps your nonprofit website rank higher on search engines. Let us take the guesswork out of SEO and help people find your organization easier.


Content Strategy

$2,500 For Full Package

To amplify your brand’s reach, it is important to create as much content aligned with the interests of your stakeholders. We help you create a strategy for your brand’s content so that you can continue to seamlessly push out content and gain more exposure.


Email Marketing Strategy


Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to gain traction for your nonprofit. We help write the emails so that you can send them out and receive more exposure. Keeping your audience engaged is of utmost interest while growing your organization so designing a newsletter and email campaign strategy should be a top priority.



$250 Per Virtual Episode

Reaching your audience is one of the most important things to gain more awareness for your nonprofit. We help with everything needed for a podcast, from equipment to editing. We provide a full filming studio that allows you to express your mission and why you do it.


Lead Generation

$2,000 Per Month

When a nonprofit is ready to scale, it is important to leverage data, advertising, email marketing, and other mediums to attract and convert new customers. We will help you set up an automation system that takes customers from brand awareness to advocates of your organization.

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Branding Style Guidelines

What's Included

• Logo $300

• Brand colors and font $100

• Brand messaging (i.e. brand personality, tone, language, value proposition) $200 

Website Copywriting

What's Included

• Stakeholder Interview

• Draft Copy for Web Pages

• Client Review

• Final Copy

Website Development

What's Included

• Stakeholder Survey

• Follow-Up Stakeholder Interview

• Sitemap 

• Low -Fidelity Wireframes i.e. website structure without brand colors and font

• High-Fidelity Wireframes i.e. website design with brand colors and font incorporated

• Website Development on WordPress

• Website Testing

• Website Launch

• Training (for website updates & maintenance)

Google Ads Grant

What's Included

• Keyword Research 

• Ad Optimization/Management

• Monthly Reporting

*Must use Google Ad grant

Website Analytics

What's Included

Google Analytics Setup

• Google Tags Setup

• Google Tags Implementation (10 tags)

Facebook Pixel Setup


What's Included

• Keyword Research 

• On-page SEO

• Off-page SEO (ex. Google My Business)

• Blog Writing (1 Per Month)

• Monthly Report

Content Strategy

What's Included

Social Media Strategy & Training $2,000

• Social Media Audit

• Target Market Identification

• Competitive Analysis

• Social Media Calendar Template 

• Social Media Analytics Tacking Template 

• Consultation on Implementation 

Social Media Asset Templates $500

• Asset Template Design (using your existing branding style guidelines)

*Please note that this service only includes strategy consultation, development, and training; actual strategy implementation is not included.

Email Marketing Strategy

What's Included

• Email Platform Integration to Website

• Email Database Setup & Organization

• Email Journey Strategy

• Newsletter and Email Template Design

• Email Automation Journey Training

*Please note that this service only includes strategy consultation, development, and training; actual strategy implementation is not included.


What's Included

• Filming (virtual) 

• Video Editing

• Final Podcast Delivery

• Social Media Assets (ex. editing and delivery of highlight clips)

Lead Generation

What's Included

• Campaign Design

• Asset Creation & Ad Messaging

• Ad Maintenance

• Monthly Reporting

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