A New Entrepreneurship Model: Building A Workplace For the Future

Date: October 28th, 2022

Time: 9:00 – 10:30 AM PST

Location: Virtual

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly evident that the climate in which we are living demands more inclusive, flexible, accessible and compassionate environments where people can be seen and heard. The reality has demonstrated that nowadays the success and longevity of an entrepreneur or a business, whether for profit or nonprofit, are not limited to the product offered, marketing strategies or the model adopted. In many cases, it includes the internal dynamics as well: from policies and best practices to staff well being.

After over two years of adaptive approaches that brought down accessibility barriers being rolled out in organizations across the world, hinting to your employees and prospective employees about “returning to how it was” is not only unrealistic but deeply harmful to your organization’s viability.

As leaders (whether it’s on the board of directors, in the C-Suite, in management, as team lead, or as a representative of an ERG), the way you imagine a workspace that people want to return to will be determined on factors we will be looking in this webinar:

  • Addressing your inner biases when it comes to allocating space for people to share their current realities;
  • Collecting data on how your employees have experienced the changes rolled out during the pandemic and what their needs are regarding gathering again;
  • Managing your expectations on how your employees and team members will show up in spaces you’re creating within the organization;
  • Investigating honestly the root cause of conflicts, distrust, malaise within your team, your department, your organization and appropriately addressing it;
  • Creating a culture where you’re conscious about your own learning curve and are openly encouraging your staff to hold you accountable to your mistakes.


Taharima Habib is a multidisciplinary community builder and organiser, specializing in facilitation and training design for nonprofit and charity organisations. Born in Bangladesh, she came to Canada at the age of 3 with her family and calls Montreal her home.

​Taharima has a Masters degree in Microbiology and Infectiology from the University of Sherbrooke, where she studied the functions of HIV. After falling in love with the communications and public facing aspect of her academic work, she left research to pursue a career in the community and nonprofit sector across Montreal, in grassroots and national organisations. Her focus has always been on identifying who the underdogs were in each system she interacted with, and assessing what was keeping them from accessing the resources and services for thriving instead of merely surviving.

Today, Taharima is working with junior and senior staff members in mission-driven organisations across Canada, helping them with professional development, and with board directors as a consultant in Culture and Capacity Building. Taharima joined Caravanserai Project as an Associate in 2022.

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