Tools to Advance Mission-Driven Work: The 2022 Inland Empire Community Health Assessment

Date: December 16th, 2022

Time: 9:00 – 10:30 AM PST

Location: Virtual

Mission-driven organizations, for profit and nonprofit alike, are expected to be able to access in-depth and reliable information about the communities, groups, and geographical areas they serve. Being able to provide reliable, accurate and current information is crucial, whether it’s for their internal decision-making processes, programs design and implementation; the grants and contracts for which they are applying; or conversations with potential private donors, peers, and other stakeholders. 

Finding such information has been a constant challenge for those involved in the mission-driven sector in the Inland Empire. Resources such as the recently launched 2022 Inland Empire Community Health Assessment can be a game-changer. Sponsored by the Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP), the 2022 Inland Empire Community Health Assessment identifies key health needs and issues relevant for the IE region through systematic, comprehensive data collection and analysis with an emphasis on underserved populations often missed in traditional data collection methods. 

This webinar’s outcomes:

  • Understanding the 2022 Inland Empire Community Health Assessment and its impact on the future of mission-driven work in the Inland Empire.
  • Implementing best practices using the 2022 IECHA unique data to inform mission-driven work from design to program implementation.
  • Developing strategies related to expanding a Vibrant Health approach for the Inland Empire.
  • Accessing data at http://vibrantinlandempire.com.
  • Learning about the new IEHP Foundation launched in 2022.

Angelica Baltazar, IEHP Foundation President

Angelica Baltazar has more than 20 years of experience in the public health and human services sectors. She joins IEHP from San Antonio Regional Hospital, where she most recently served as the Executive Lead for Health Equity and the Executive Director of the Lewis-San Antonio Healthy Communities Institute.

Baltazar holds a bachelor’s in social work from Cal Poly Pomona and master’s in policy planning and administration from Loma Linda University. She is a community advisory member for Inland SoCal United Way, and a board member of Partners for Better Health and Promise Scholars.

Dora Barilla DrPH, HC2 Strategies Inc President, co-Founder

Dr. Dora Barilla, the president and co-founder of HC2 Strategies Inc., is esteemed as one of the leading voices on community-based healthcare across the country. Her leadership and policy expertise empower organizations to embrace new frameworks that support better health outcomes and greater community involvement. Her insight comes from 34 years of working with public health departments while representing Providence, Adventist Health, and Loma Linda University Health Systems. In addition to her HCrole, Dora is an Assistant Professor/ Health Policy & Leadership for Loma Linda University and serves on the boards for the San Antonio Regional Hospital, the Inland Empire Community Foundation, and Medical Teams International. She is also the President/Founder of Partners for Better Health and the Co-Chair of Stakeholder Health.  

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