The Digital Journey Bootcamp for Mission-Driven Organizations: Follow-up

Dates: February 25st, 2022

Time: 11:00 – 12:00 AM PST

Location: Virtual

Limited seats available.

The Digital Journey Bootcamp is a comprehensive program that includes a three-workshop series and follow-up and consulting sessions designed for mission-driven entrepreneurs and ventures, nonprofit and for profit alike. It aims to provide the right technical support that these entities need in order to establish a strong online presence that fully reflects their mission and vision and accurately positions them in front of their current and potential customers.

The three workshops of the Digital Journey Bootcamp provide an end-to-end digital transformation model. It covers all the core elements needed to create a scalable digital infrastructure, ranging from solidifying a powerful website to generating new leads.

The follow-up and consulting sessions are meant to support the Bootcamp participants to find solutions to some of the situations they might encounter as they are implementing the lessons learned in the three seasons. These are monthly meetings during which our team will answer questions and provide additional support to the participants’ very specific questions.

Among the following topics considered as key benchmarks as part of the Digital Journey Bootcamp and follow-up and consulting sessions are:

  • Branding style guidelines;
  • Website copywriting;
  • Website development;
  • Google Ads grant;
  • Website analytics;
  • SEO;
  • Content strategy;
  • Email marketing strategy;
  • Podcast;
  • Lead generation.

The program is designed in partnership with the Free Logic team who has compiled the best practices from over 50+ projects they have designed, develped and implemented. 


Free Logic Inc. is a digital strategy consulgency based in Riverside, California, whose mission is to level the playing field by using both modern and innovative strategies that will not only bring success for our clients, but also prepare them for the future.

Free Logic Inc. has been a solid and reliable partner to many mission-driven organizations in the Inland Empire. Their efforts to boost the impact of these entities and their in-depth understanding of their needs and the regional nonprofit dynamic placed Free Logic Inc. among the most trusted digital strategy consulgencies in the region.

This program was made possible in part by the generous support provided by the Wells Fargo Open for Business Fund. Caravanserai Project is the recipient of a Wells Fargo Open for Business Fund award aiming to provide programs and services that support small business viability through growth, expansion, innovation, and increased productivity. Read more about this award.

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