Webinar: Designing Anti-Racist Organizational Environments: Tools for Nonprofits

Date: June 25th, 2021

Time: 9:00 – 10:30 AM PST

Location: Virtual

PartnerThe Center Against Racism and Trauma (CART)

It is not enough for organizations to hire People Of Color (POC) onto their teams or meet a quota of POC members. It is critical to see the humanity of each worker and be able to push them to achieve the excellence they are entitled to. In order to see the dignity and humanity in others, it is important to reflect on your own.

Designing Anti-Racism Organizational Environments: Tools for Nonprofits focuses on strategies that social impact ventures, both for profit and nonprofit, should include in their workplace policies to efficiently create an environment of anti-racist culture. The workshop provides practical and relevant tools developed by The Center Against Racism and Trauma to guide organizations in their response to both conscious and unconscious anti-racist behaviors encountered in the workplace and in their communities. The goal is to equip these organizations and their members with comprehensive and compassionate approaches that will give perspective on the traumatic effects of racism and the grip it holds on policy and practice today and equally important offer long-term and system change solutions to organizations committed to social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Keila Mazariegos is the Associate Director of the Center Against Racism and Trauma and a 2020/2021 SEED Lab Fellow. Her passion for social justice as a Latina informs her work with communities in empowering People of Color (POC) to unapologetically stand up for their rights. As a social advocate for resources, partnerships, and programs that adhere to community prosperity, Keila demonstrates a history of working with nonprofits, community organizations, school districts, students, families, and travel entities. As a social worker, she believes in the importance of building relationships, advocating for marginalized and displaced populations and providing a safe environment to those seeking guidance. Keila has a Master’s degree in social work (California Baptist University).

The Center Against Racism and Trauma, also known as CART, is an Inland Empire-based organization that is dedicated to fighting against racism by initiating conversations of racism, oppression, and marginalization while providing opportunities for affected people to heal from the ravages of historical and intergenerational trauma that racism causes. Co-founded by Corey Jackson and Keila Mazariegos, CART offers consultation, trainings and workshops for organizations wanting to commit to building an anti-racist culture in their workplace.

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