Webinar: PR and Media for Mission-driven Ventures

Date: May 28th, 2021

Time: 9:00 – 10:30 AM PST

Location: Virtual

Development, marketing, advertising, public and community relations, all work in cooperation with each other to support and advance your mission. So, how do you leverage each most efficiently and effectively? 

Our priority for this Caravanserai Project Webinar is to focus on some of the basics and help mission-driven ventures, for-profit and nonprofit alike, prepare efficient and easy to manage and implement PR and media strategies and tools.

Joins us to learn how to build an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) in a day, and augment it over time to create a library of assets that will support various efforts and outreach. How to construct an effective press release and traffic it by prioritizing keyword research and integration, content that captivates, formatting and distribution.

And what about earned media and shared media? How do you leverage free press, co-op advertising and social media to help propel our goals and measure success? Consider network marketing opportunities as well to elevate your profile within the communities you serve and beyond. Finally, all this puzzle comes together as you strategically identify the right partners to team up with, and utilize shared resources, for good. Knowing what our assets and abilities are and cooperatively working with other non-profit, government agencies, consumer brands and corporations to ensure a win for everyone is good for your mission, your stakeholders, your partners, and the community. 

Practical examples and cases studies will be discussed and the participants will have access to templates, resources etc.

Guest – Sasha Itzikman

Sasha is a marketing and communications professional with over 30 years of experience. Following her successful career in the entertainment industry (managed product licensing for film franchises such as Rambo and Terminator) and groundbreaking years developing “Guerrilla Marketing”, in 2010, Sasha joined Goodwill Southern California (GSC) as Vice President of Marketing and Community Relations. She reimagined and re-designed the look and market position for the non-profit brand, and a completely new in-store experience for shoppers.

Currently, Sasha works with real-estate, technology and luxury hotel clients with marketing and communications services and is the COO of the Cowboy and Rousseau Animal Assistance Fund (CARAAF).

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