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The masterclass consists of 3 meetings over 3 days, a total of 9 hours: 2 core sessions (3 and, respectively, 4 hours) and a follow-up session a month later.

This innovative and highly customized program is designed for CEOs, board members, key decision makers leading mission driven organizations who are looking for solutions and creative approaches to current challenges and want to expand their field of possibilities by equipping themselves with the right and practical tools to face potential disruptions. Our strategy is to identify together the disruptions that challenge your work and find potential solutions to your dilemmas.

A small cohort of like-minded leaders of mission-driven organizations will support each other, exchange information and provide feedback. Our goal is for you to leave the program with a set of practical tools that reflect the needs and realities of your organization.

Each cohort is limited to up to 15 participants. The group is curated in order to bring together leaders who share similar experiences and can learn and support each other and organizations that are at the same level of development.

Although there is a clear structure and curriculum, we want you to guide us when it comes to the substance. In order to do so, there are a few questions we would like you to answer prior to our meeting. This information will help us plan ahead and customize our session to specifically reflect your interests and needs. All the details you will be providing are confidential and will not be available to anyone but the instructors.

For more information, including the participant fees, please contact us at contact@caravanseraiproject.org

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