Webinar: Financial Survival and the Future

Date: January 29th, 2021


Jeremy Hobbs, Western Wind Foundation President and Inland Empire Community Foundation Board Member

Stephen Bennett, Caravanserai Project Board Chair and Founder, California Endowment Board Member, Arcus Foundation Board Member

An open and interactive conversation about various financial aspects a mission-driven venture should consider at the beginning of a new year in order to ensure its mid- and long-term survival and financial sustainability.

Following a very challenging year from a financial point of view during which many mission-driven ventures, for profit and nonprofit alike, have struggled to make ends meet, we all expect 2021 to be a fresh start. Unfortunately, many of the financial burdens that we had to deal with in 2020 will continue to threaten our ventures’ survival and sustainability.

The conversation focuses on:

  • Forgiveness of PPP Round 1 Loans 
  • Application for PPP Round 2 Loans
  • Other Available Loans and Grants for Non-Profits
  • Financial Planning for Navigating 2021 and a Post-COVID world.

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