The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation

Fellow: Natalie Boehm

Seed Lab Cohort: 2020/2021

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Being in and out of hospitals as a child due to her epilepsy, Natalie had a pretty much non-existent childhood. Despite these challenges, her parents enforced how important education and being independent were. Natalie got her undergraduate degrees in paralegal studies as well as liberal studies and worked in the legal field. Experiencing first-hand the discrimination a person battling epilepsy is constantly facing, she has tried to hide for many years her disability out of fear of being fired or outcasted. 

The Defeating Epilepsy is the result of her work as an advocate on behalf of these individuals, as well as an educator on issues related to epilepsy. Her organization’s mission is to provide individuals with epilepsy mental health counseling so they overcome their challenges and be able to live happy, healthy, productive lives, and advocate for their overall well-being.

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