Janelle Guerrero

Venture: Stronger Together Now

Seed Lab Cohort: 2021/2022

Impact location: Inland Empire, California

Organization Structure: Nonprofit


Improve connectedness among communities in the Inland Empire and facilitate access to information and resources in an efficient and impactful way.

Extreme division and disconnect amongst communities is an unfortunate characteristic in the Inland Empire region of California. The broad landscape creates unintentional divide, multiplied by the secular nature of each city’s focus on its own needs thus leading to grounds for operating in silos and profoundly impacting our communities, especially our youth and elders.

Stronger Together Now aims to bridge this gap by bringing solutions to and in the communities directly through events and mobile community-hubs that collectively serve, connect and train individuals.  


Janelle Guerrero is the co-founder of Stronger Together Now, alongside Kai King. Janelle serves as a Commissioner on the Human Relations Committee, in Redlands, California. She is a professional in the medical field where she continues to serve as Clinical Educator and Practitioner. She is a US Army veteran where she served for 6 years as a medical professional.  Janelle is also the West Coast Distributor of WomanToWomen1 clothing & swimwear line.  

Janelle and Kai have been in the front lines at protests and local meetings assessing the needs of their community and developing creative and applicable solutions to their challenges. Both have years of active engagement in advocating for the wellbeing of others and continue to develop impactful outreach programs throughout the Inland Empire region. Together, they hope to connect people to resources, programs and tools in a resourceful and sustainable way, while making positive changes locally to support/amplify the continuous fight that exists for people of color.  

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