Juan Maya Hernandez

Venture: PREPARE

Seed Lab Cohort: 2021/2022

Impact location: National/ US

Organization Structure: Hybrid


Bridge the gap between untapped immigrant talent and employers in the U.S.

Landing a job is one of the most essential necessities for people to sustain themselves. A job is also an avenue for people to practice their skills and many find meaning in it. For many undocumented immigrants who are under DACA and TPS, being employed is a major challenge and their job security is constantly under threat. Those without DACA and TPS face an even greater challenge.

PREPARE works to identify startups, non-profits, and businesses open to hiring immigrant employees and offer to help find talented DACA and TPS immigrants fitted for their positions. 


Juan Maya Hernandez is the founder of PREPARE. As a new DACA immigrant, he is channeling his own experience without DACA, to provide opportunities to immigrant employment seekers. It was years of struggling to find opportunities, working as a day laborer, juggling freelance photography, and his inability to pay for school expenses that motivated him to embark on a path in entrepreneurship. He was a Non-DACA for 18 years until 2021, when he was granted DACA. 

Juan is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree at University of California Los Angeles.

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