Kristie Allison

Venture: MHAEK – Mental Health Art Expression Kurriculum

Seed Lab Cohort: 2021/2022

Impact location: Inland Empire, California

Organization Structure: Hybrid


Support at-risk students and their families to successfully identify their strengths for the betterment of their good judgement, emotional well-being, and help them problem-solve through art expression to escape survival mode and thrive.

While there is an abundance of resources and research concerning mental health issues and services, at-risk communities continue to struggle to understand the root causes of some of their living conditions and address their mental well-being, constructively. The causes of mental unwellness stem from untreated biological, psychological and environmental risk factors that contribute to poor qualities of life. Mental unwellness persists because survival is a default mode for most vulnerable individuals and working families that are either unaware of trusted resource accessibility and reliability, or simply facing time scarcity.  

Mental Health Art Expression Kurriculum or MHAEK focuses on day to day mental well-being as it relates to time and energy constraints in at-risk households and schools through customized support programs and specific curriculums implemented within one’s current routine of living and teaching.


Kristie Allison is the founder of MHAEK. She is a mother and first-generation student. Growing up in multiple environments that did not prepare her to identify, refine, and profit from her strengths earlier on, her creative approach to addressing the mental health needs of at-risk students and their families is grounded in her personal and professional experience as a strength-based Associate Clinical Social Worker. 

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