Ariana Ordonez

Seed Lab Cohort: 2022/2023

Impact location: Inland Empire, California

Organization structure: For profit


Build a a college and career readiness center that strive to empower minority, marginalized and underserved individuals who are not aware of their potential to live a happy and fruitful life and how to access educational programs available to them.


Ariana Ordonez has 18 years of experience in education and social services and a proven track record of leading large-scale school initiatives focused on improving the graduation rate, student academic achievement, career and technical education enrollment, and college and career readiness. Working with TK-12th grade students from diverse backgrounds has enhanced her adaptability and creativity skills to provide exceptional school counseling services. Serving underprivileged and underrepresented students for most of her career reinforces her proclivity for strategic and innovative hard work.

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