Guadalupe Buitron, DSW

Venture: The Financially Capable

Seed Lab Cohort: 2022/2023

Impact location: Inland Empire, California

Organization structure: For Profit


The Financially Capable is a holistic financial wellness initiative that empowers first-generation young professionals, college students, and people of color to heal their relationship with money, achieve financial wellness, and start the path to building generational wealth through financial education, financial coaching, and financial therapy.


Dr. Guadalupe Buitron is a first-generation Latina social worker turned entrepreneur with a passion for advancing economic equity and improving the economic outcomes of marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Dr. Buitron holds a doctorate of social work from California Baptist University where she focused on promoting the financial capability of first-generation college students. She has several years of direct practice experience in child welfare, community social work, and mental health. Dr. Buitron is a certified financial social worker and financial therapist. Growing up in a Latino and immigrant community, Dr. Buitron saw first hand how the lack of financial education and financial resources kept entire families in cycles of poverty and financial instability. Dr.Buitron is passionate about helping others become financially capable, achieve financial wellness and ultimately start the path to building generational wealth.

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