Jona Herrera

Venture: Leela Skin

Seed Lab Cohort: 2022/2023

Impact location: Inland Empire, California

Organization structure: For Profit


Leela Skin is an esthetics studio and first zero-waste professional skincare brand utilizing indigenous ingredients.


Jona Herrera is the founder of Leela Skin which is inspired by his Incan, Tepehuan, and Hispanic heritage but its unique perspective on esthetics, beauty and wellness.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in linguistics from Cal Poly Pomona. His passion for education and skin have helped him form relationships with Salon Success Academy, Dermalogica, Worth Up Alliance, Beauty Changes Lives, Onui Studio, and The Caravanserai Project. He is driven by the fact that estheticians need result-driven professional-grade products and that the beauty industry needs a brand to lead it away from single-use plastics.

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