Richard Hutchinson

Venture: From The Land LLC

Seed Lab Cohort: 2022/2023

Impact location: Inland Empire, California

Organization structure: For Profit


From The Land is an agri-tech small business that is creating indoor agricultural innovations to help increase incomes for small to mid-size farmers.


Richard Hutchison, is the Co-Owner and Principal Investigator of From The Land LLC, along with Dr. Gina Carol Marie Oliver. Mr. Hutchison dropped out of his Ph.D. program to pursue faster-paced impact projects. While conducting research to improve the optical and thermal efficiency of phosphor converted white LEDs using nanocomposites, he led a team to develop and patent an active sports body armor.

Post academia he helped rapidly resolve and improve stem cell differentiation factor delivery micro and nanoparticles, led and scaled an innovation lab, built and ran an Engineering Design program for underserved and underrepresented people of all ages, and even founded and ran a tea business, landing himself on the front page of a prominent Silicon Valley news paper.

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