Catherine Maldonado

Venture: AMADA ABA

Seed Lab Cohort: 2023/2024

Impact location: California

Organization Structure: For profit (2023)




Amada‘s mission is to empower individuals with disabilities and their families through individualized, evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. Our offerings include comprehensive ABA therapy, personalized training for families and educators, and community support initiatives. We are dedicated to making ABA accessible to everyone, transforming lives, and redefining what’s possible. Our focused interventions, such as targeted behavioral support and skill development programs, aim to enhance the quality of life and create opportunities for individuals, families, and communities.

At Amada, our vision is a world where Applied BehaviorAnalysis (ABA) signifies not only transformation but limitless possibilities. We aspire to inspire boundless growth and fulfillment for individuals, families, and professionals.



Catherine Maldonado is the founder of Amada ABA, a for-profit venture dedicated to providing Applied Behavior Analysis services and training to support individuals with developmental disabilities like autism. As a dedicated social entrepreneur, Catherine’s mission centers on addressing the critical issue of community inclusion. Her passion for social impact was ignited by her experiences as both a mother and as a sibling of a person with autism, providing her with a unique perspective and whole-hearted dedication to her journey of supporting individuals, families, and community.

Growing up, Catherine witnessed firsthand the challenges her mother faced while raising a child with autism. These experiences profoundly shaped her commitment to helping mothers like her, particularly those who speak Spanish, and addressing the unique challenges they face in accessing assistance for their children when language and cultural barriers exist.

Catherine, married for 12 years and raising three children, pursued her education while balancing the responsibilities of motherhood, a testament to her determination. As a mother and a seasoned Board Certified Behavior Analyst with 10 years of experience in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Catherine brings a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate heart to her work. Her background provides her with a distinct advantage, as she possesses a deep understanding of both the field of ABA and the intricacies of managing this type of business..

Catherine’s journey is characterized by her personal and professional commitment to fostering inclusivity and improving the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and their communities. She addresses the challenges individuals with autism face regarding inclusion by providing training and support to community organizations. Her accomplishments include delivering training to the Los Angeles County Office of Education and partnering with community organizations sharing the same mission: creating opportunities and breaking barriers for a more inclusive community.

Catherine holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s degree as well as an active certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, further bolstering her expertise in this field. Her educational background compliments her extensive experience and dedication to her mission of fostering community inclusion and providing support for individuals with developmental disabilities.


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