Prema Walker

Venture: Prema’s Permaculture & Composting

Seed Lab Cohort: 2023/2024

Impact location: California

Organization Structure: For profit




Growing Green, Living Practical, Promoting Prosperity: Our mission is to integrate permaculture principles into urban life practically, while promoting a green economy. Our goal is to create an energy-efficient hub, where we compost, cultivate food forests, and empower communities with hands-on permaculture education. 

We envision urban spaces thriving with practical permaculture solutions, driving a green economy forward. Together, with our community we’re building communities where permaculture principles are practical, everyday solutions that contribute to a prosperous and sustainable future.



Prema Walker is the founder of Practically Sustainable LLC, doing business as Prema’s Permaculture & Composting, a for-profit venture based in Palm Springs, California. As an environmental and social entrepreneur, her work is focused on advancing sustainable agricultural practices and effective composting methods, with a mission to promote environmental conservation and community well-being.

Prema’s passion for social impact and environmental stewardship is rooted in her personal story. As a first-generation immigrant from India, coming from a family of farmers, she grew up with a profound appreciation for the land and sustainable agriculture. This upbringing, combined with her unique experiences, has been a driving force behind her commitment to creating eco-friendly solutions that support and nurture local communities.

Since founding her organization in 2021, Prema has achieved remarkable accomplishments in the field of sustainability. She has trained more than 200 volunteers in sustainable practices, particularly in composting. This initiative has led to the diversion of an impressive 150,000 lbs of food scraps and tree trimmings from landfills. By converting this waste into nutrient-rich soil, her organization contributes to local food production, thereby promoting sustainable food systems and reducing environmental impact.

In 2023, Prema expanded her role in the sustainability sector by volunteering as a commission member on the Palm Springs city’s Sustainability Commission. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, providing her with a technical and analytical foundation.



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