Venture: Nutrition Explorers Daycare

Seed Lab Cohort: 2023/2024

Impact location: California

Organization Structure: For profit (2024)



Nutrition Explorers Daycare aims to foster a lifelong enthusiasm for nutritious choices in your little ones through our daycare center, where we fuel a passion for learning. We cherish creative food play, gardening adventures, and joyous lunch parties, encouraging exploration and discovery—one bite at a time.

We imagine a world where children love a variety of foods and grow up strong and happy! We dream of a place where every child giggles through tasty meals, learning that eating right is the best superpower for a lifetime of development and exploration.  



Based in Moreno Valley, California, Sandy Moreno is the founder of Nutrition Explorers Daycare, a for profit venture dedicated to providing infants and toddlers with high quality care centered around nutrition education. As a nutritionist and social entrepreneur, Sandy’s work centers on addressing issues of childhood malnutrition and food insecurity. Her passion for social impact was sparked by her experiences as a community health educator where she provided interactive nutrition workshops to underrepresented youth. 

Sandy Moreno served as nutrition ambassador for top companies promoting optimum nutrition for animals. She currently encourages health and wellness by leading community hikes for parents and their toddlers. Sandy holds a BS degree in Nutritional Science.



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