The Jimenez Sisters

Venture: The Jimenez Sisters Ranch

Seed Lab Cohort: 2023/2024

Impact location: California

Organization Structure: For profit (2024)




Jimenez Sisters Ranch is dedicated to creating and sharing an honest, wholesome and
authentic goat milk skincare product formulated from raw and naturally derived
ingredients. Our business is conducted in a socially responsible and ethical manner
that respects both our animals and bodies. We will always be driven to provide a safe
and transparent experience with our community.


Established in 2015 in Riverside, California, Jimenez Sisters Ranch began as a micro-farm that focused on learning how to responsibly raise and care for farm animals. Mother Michele and daughters, Abigail and Madelyn, started on this journey with the support of their entire family during Covid-19 Pandemic when they were no longer able to sell the milk produced by their goats.

Through their journey, they came to love our time and experience raising Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. In continuing our passion for sustainability and to share our way living we began to share our goat milk soaps with our community.



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