Organizational impact breakthroughs masterclass

The Organizational Impact Breakthroughs Masterclass supports experienced CEOs and leaders of advanced social mission driven ventures to advance their understanding of some of the key strategies to increase their work’s impact. This masterclass goes beyond monitoring, evaluation and reporting as it provides a comprehensive approach to impact. It tackles core aspects of mission-driven work such as beneficiaries, stakeholders, community engagement etc. Our goal is to equip the participants with a set of practical tools that reflect the needs and realities of their venture.


  • Evaluating the  venture’s current impact in the broader context and from the perspective of various stakeholders
  • Revisiting the venture’s core mission and vision and its relevance and role in the future
  • Mapping and decoding the beneficiaries’ profiles and the experience the venture is providing 
  • Developing a strategy to communicate impact to donors, supporters and other stakeholders
  • Increasing the participants’ capacities to manage and leverage external and internal resources (time, organizational culture, partnerships, community, funders etc.) to advance and increase their efforts’ impact 
  • Working through and receiving feedback to real-time issues
  • Building new connections and potential partnerships within a small and trusted peer group
  • Access to an in-depth analysis of the participants’ ventures conducted prior to the meeting focused on organizational impact


  • Curated cohorts of up to 15 participants facing similar challenges and sharing common visions
  • 9 hours of in-depth analysis over 3 days

Day 1

3 Hours, Virtual

Interview and assessment

  • Each participant will walk through their situation/information
  • Workshop leaders will question along a protocol
  • Go deeper than presenting issues

Toolkit to comprehensive impact

  • 7 core elements to drive and generate real and long-term impact
  • Identifying a strategy to implement the toolkit

Venture’s priorities

  • Mapping and comparing the said priorities and the actual priorities
  • Identifying aspects whose improvement will increase the impact of the venture
  • Rethinking impact

Day 2

4 Hours, Virtual

Desired impact and actual impact

  •  Participants focus on rethinking their venture’s deliverables
  • Identifying shortcomings and aspects that need rethinking

Mapping and defining the beneficiaries’ avatars and experiences

  • Who do you serve? How do you serve?
  • Putting impact into today’s and tomorrow’s context

Developing a strategy to leverage the eco-system

  • System analysis
  • Stakeholders: mapping, strategizing, benefits

Monitoring, measuring and evaluation 

Building the right narrative around impact

Planning the next steps

Day 3 - Follow-Up

2 Hours, Virtual

Three/four weeks following the masterclass, the cohort will reconvene to share the latest developments and receive feedback from their peers. The conversation focuses on the implementation of the plan and priorities the participants identified during the first meeting.

Fall sessions to be announced soon!


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Single Masterclass

*Fall sessions to be announced soon!


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*Organizational Survival & sustainability & Organizational Impact



Two Masterclasses

*Organizational Survival & Sustainability & Organizational Impact


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The Big Breakthrough: Organizational Impact

Learn our view about organizational impact and mission driven organizations introduced by Stephen Bennett, Caravanserai Project Co-Founder

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