Organizational survival and sustainability breakthroughs masterclass

The Organizational Survival and Sustainability Breakthroughs Masterclass offers experienced CEOs and leaders of advanced social mission-driven ventures effective and practical tools to cope with immediate challenges and prepare them to approach creatively and innovatively potential future disruptions. This masterclass aims to expand the participants field of possibilities as they tackle current matters thus increasing the long-term relevance and sustainability of their venture. Our goal is to equip the participants with a set of practical tools that reflect the needs and realities of their venture. 


  • Development of a sound strategy to face current challenges and ensure a path to survival and feedback to real-time issues
  • Re-evaluate the current situation of the venture and map the environment
  • Solution-driven planning and designing a realist road map for the future that focuses on: 
    • financial sustainability (including fundraising, donors’ engagement, revenue streams etc.) 
    • current and future role and relevancy of the organization and its mission
    • shifting to a lean organizational structure
    • communication and stakeholders
  • Customized training and mentorship prioritizing the exchange of ideas, experiences and sharing resources.
  • Work through and receive feedback to real-time issues
  • Building new connections and potential partnerships within a small and trusted peer group
  • Access to an in-depth analysis of the participants’ ventures conducted prior to the meeting focused on survival and sustainability issues


  • Curated cohorts of up to 15 participants facing similar challenges and sharing common visions
  • 9 hours of in-depth analysis over 3 days

Day 1

3 Hours, Virtual

Interview and assessment

  • Each participant will walk through their situation/information
  • Workshop leaders will question along a protocol
  • Go deeper than presenting issues

Identification of key issues

  • Create list of issues
  • Put in order of priority for survival 
  • Assess opportunities and barriers

Plan of attack-time focused for each organization/leader

  •  Determine actions and timeline on each key issue
  • Actions to push through barriers
  • Actions to take advantage of opportunities

Pathway for Survival

  • Overall plan with action step
  • How to keep the opportunities open for the future
  • What can it look like in the future – future plan

Day 2

4 Hours, Virtual

Financial Stability

  • Long-term keys to future revenue/assessment
  • Role of development/fundraising for the future
  • Financial management approach

The requirement of staying true to your mission and delivering on your promise

  • Mission test and promise
  • 12 questions/answers for each organization
  • Shifting from a transactional model to a transformative one

What are the actions that will drive your future success

  • Revenue stability, dedicated resources, talent, advice
  • Narratives, alignment, movement making
  • Create the bigger pathway

Day 3 - Follow-Up

2 Hours, Virtual

Three/four weeks following the masterclass, the cohort will reconvene to share the latest developments and receive feedback from their peers. The conversation focuses on the implementation of the plan and priorities the participants identified during the first meeting.

Fall sessions to be announced soon!


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Two Masterclasses

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The Big Breakthrough

Learn our view about organizational impact and mission driven organizations introduced by Stephen Bennett, Caravanserai Project Co-Founder

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The goal of the Caravanserai Project’s e-books is to share our vision and understanding of specific topics that are discussed during our Breakthroughs Masterclasses.

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The goal of the Caravanserai Project’s e-books is to share our vision and understanding of specific topics that are discussed during our Breakthroughs Masterclasses.

These e-books are available to anyone free of charge.

While there is a plethora of programs providing guidance and support to mission driven organizations, non-profits and for-profits, we have learned over the years that the biggest challenge was not accessing information and content. Workshops and classes where tens of organizations are fed a cookie-cut program and asked to run with it by themselves have limited impact. We do things differently.

Caravanserai Project’s programs are designed to provide a very individualized and customized experience without the high costs of one-on-one consulting and coaching sessions. While the goals and structure of our Breakthroughs Masterclasses remain the same, their content is redesigned for every new cohort in order to reflect their specific interests and needs. We focus in depth on each participant. Everyone in the room is expected to support the rest of the cohort, provide feedback and share their experiences in order to help them identify the best solutions.