breakthroughs masterclasses

Designed to accelerate the work of experienced mission-driven leaders and support change-making ventures reach their full potential. Our goal is to: 

  • Bring together curated cohorts of up to 15 participants facing similar challenges and sharing common visions.
  • Provide a 9-hour intensive program focused on identifying challenges and priorities, designing solution-driven strategies and developing a realist road map for the future.
  • Create a safe space to exchange ideas and experiences and share resources. 
  • Build new connections and explore potential partnerships within a small and trusted group of likeminded leaders.
  • Establish an interactive network of mission-driven leaders who have access to opportunities exclusively designed for the Caravanserai Project alumni. 

Organizational Survival & Sustainability Masterclass​

  • Developing a sound strategy to face current challenges and ensure a path to survival
  • Revaluating the current situation of the venture and mapping the environment
  • Examining relations with beneficiaries, staff, donors and other stakeholders
  • Rethinking donors’ engagement strategy and fundraising
  • Planning for financial survival and sustainability  
  • Envisioning the venture’s future: mid and long-term priorities and implementation action plan

Organizational Impact Masterclass

  • Approaching social impact from a comprehensive perspective
  • Revisiting the venture’s mission, vision, health and priorities and its relevance in the current context and the future
  • Mapping and decoding of beneficiaries’ profiles and experiences
  • Communicating impact to supporters, donors and beneficiaries
  • Rethinking the donors’ engagement strategy and fundraising
  • Envisioning the venture’s future: mid and long-term priorities and implementation action plan

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